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Operating Concern activation issue "Error saving table CE0xxxx Message no. KX593"

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Hi Experts,

I need your assistance on Operating concern, here what I have done is, created few new Value filed and added to Data Structure, while activating Operating concern I’m getting an error message “The data structures of operating concern GOGL were not saved/activated” Message no. KE603.

The way I tried to activate the Operating concern:

  • i.Checked the New value field’s status and those are activated.
  • ii.Under Edit Data structure ‘checked’ it’s shown as ok.
  • iii.While saving the data structure system throwing an error message ‘Error saving table CE0xxxx Message no. KX593

Could you please help me on this issue?

Note: Getting an error SAP Demo IDES system

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if you unlock the value fields in the KEA0 and moved the new value fields between existing ones and your CE[1/3][OPC] Tables are already filled you have the same problem when changing the structure of a normal database table which already contains data. If you only append fields everything works fine but fi you insert a new field between existing one you have to "rework" it with transaction code SE14.

Just open the tables with SE11 if the status is partly activated an SE14-action seems to be necessary.

Important!!! If you do not know this transaction contact your BC colleagues to help you. If this system is only for you and no one else using it read the manual before using it. Using SE14 in a wrong way can lead to irreversible damages.