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Open Quantity field in the Delivery Document (VL02N) doesn't get updated

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Hi Experts,

The open quantity of the delivery document doesn't get reduced as the
stocks are being picked and delivered against the sales order.

Ideally the open order quantity should get reduced subsequent to any
delivery posted against the delivery document. But it doesn't happen in
our system.

Transaction - VL02N

I guess there might be something wrong in the copy control customizing in the delivery document.

Can someone please tell me where to find this customisation or on how to make the open order quantity to get updated when the stocks gets picked?

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Randika,

I sincerly think that this is a question for the Sales and Distribution forum and so I think that you will have a lot more luck in getting the answer you need. As a hint, maybe it helps, look in the Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents from the Billing Documents in Billing in Sales and Distribution customization. I do not know if this helps you though, it is woth a try.

All the best,

Claudiu Maxim

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