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Open Previous Period

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Dear All

Now My client one company code 0001 period is "092008". but this company want to enter some back entrys like period "012008"

Is it possible to change.. this company have no inventory right now.. process not yet started..

Any option available..

Please tell me the procedure..



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It is possible to re-open a previously closed period. However, it is NOT advisable to do so because the valuation data of the previous period could be affected.

In general, it is only safe to reopen a previously closed period when no material postings have been done after the period shifting to the new period.

If there has already been postings after the period shifting to the new period, reverting the period back will cause database inconsistencies in the history tables.

If you decide to proceed with this process, you can use the program RMMMINIT, but, please review the documentation of this program first!! and the check the SAP notes 487381 (for the error message that you are receiving) and the 369637 (for an explanation about the inconsistencies that will be generated.

Steps are as below;

Go to Transaction Code SE38

Enter program name RMMMINIT

Execute or press F8 function button

Enter your company code (From and To)

Enter relevant date: Say 01/03/2008 for Mar. 2008 month to be opened as of now

That means, user can post for the month of Feb 2008 as well as Mar. 2008

Refer SAP Note No. 487381 for more details.

As per SAP Notes 487381 ( If the periods are opened in advance in mmpv to again change it to current period the following process should be follow ), Go to Tcode MMPI, then go to menu bar and select system -> user profile->owndata.In that screen , under the parameters tab enter MMPI_READ_NOTE in Parameter ID field and enter, then under short description you will get Initialise period. Next Save.

Again go to MMPI enter company code, period and year and execute.


Other way of doing it is follow these steps( But try this method in Sand box Only):

1. Go to OX18, and delete the plants assigned to your CO.Cd and save.

2. Go to OMSY and change the posting period to the one u want and save.

3.Go to OX18 and assign the plants you have deleted in step 1.and save.



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