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open order value open delivery value and open invoice value

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Dear Experts,

My client requirement is to caluculate the total open order value of some Sales document Type for each customer i.e

1)Open order value=order is created but no delivery created

2)Open delivery Value=Delivery without picking+delivery with Picking+delivery with PGI.

3)Open Invoice value=Billing is created but Accounting Document not generated(Posting Block)

Total Open order value+Open delivery Value+Open Invoice value.

My client credit control area updated group is 000015.So i will not get open order value in s066 table.

1)For this I went VBAK-->took all sales orders for a Customer and pass it to VBUK Table Overaall Delivery status#C.and the output of this i passed it to VBUP table DeliveryStatus for A(not yet Delivered) and B(Partially Delivered).

For Delivery Status=A  sales orders i passed it to VBAP. From there i getting the open order value=X(variable)

For delivery Status=B sales order i am passing it to lips. From there i am getting the delivery quantity and from VBAP i am getting order quantity.

By Subtracting i am getting the open order quantity and open order value=Y

Open order value=X+Y

2)From Open delivery Value i can get it from s067 table.But s067 is giving wrong Open deliveryvalue.Even i tried with RVKRED88 report but it is showing different value.

Is there any way to calculate open delivery value and open invoice value through table.



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Hi Friend,

  Better to go for User Exit i.e. Technical way.