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hi i am appearing interviews. in one interview they have asked me ur working at client place or not(onsite/offsite). i said offsite and involved in configuration and implementation of the project.(from realization phase). interviewer asked how cum u involved in configuration and implementation phase becz ur working offsite. later when i asked my freind he said that offsite consultants only involve in testing of already configured and implementation scenarios. only onsite people involve in configuration,implementation, final preparation and golive. so pls any body suggest me clearly if i were offsite in what stages i involve in the project <b>detailly</b>. plssss help

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Krishna,

In general when you say configuration and implementation of the project (from realization phase), it means you have to be at client's place. This phase requires lot of interaction with clinet in terms of business requirement gathering. As a technical consultant you can be invloved in the configuration and implementation of the project and can work offshore because you have the functional consultants to help you in understanding the functional specification and then technical specifications can be prepared. Ofshore functional consutlants can be involved for testing purpose like scenaios testing, UTP, Integration testing etc.

Hope this helps you.

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Answers (2)

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hi rakesh and navneetha i have awarded u points. and thanks very much for giving reply. hi rakesh thanks for u giving ur mail id and will bother u very with my questions/doubts

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In a rollout, consultants at onsite will do most of the requirements gathering, Business Blueprinting, arriving at High Level Design, writing functional specifications etc. During this phase, there will not be any consultants working at offshore as there is no need.

Once teh functionality is developed and ready for testing, the offshore consultants, do unit testing, integration testing etc. They may create test scripts for user testing, create level2 and level3 documents for user testing.

Again after user acceptance, final preparations and go live will happen mostly with the help of onsite consultants.

In a support scenario, the boundaries may not be as strong as a rollout project, as teh system will be a matured system and it is cheap to run support at offshore, though the main show will be run by onsite consultants.

Hope thsi helps.

BTW one advise:

Please write what you have done, in your resume. The interviewer can find a fake interview in 2min.

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