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only numerical number for roh material type

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Hi,MM team

I have a small issue plz help me out

using oms2-i have copied material type-ROH to 1001,

later using mmnr- i have defined number range,

my requirement is for this material type 1001 i should give only numericals nd they are externaly feed,wheni enter in mm01 its throughing error saying for this material type u cannot define only numericals ,so plz team give what settings will help me to come out of this issue

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Once you have copied the material type from ROH to 1001.

Check if the NR's are copied over.

Try using the same external number range it should work. check the external number range should not contain alphabets.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello kiran,

I found that NR object is not assigned group interval,so plz tel me how could i do that ,i have defined the number range ,i have to assign that to this NR object na, but the field is protected na,



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Hi Praveen,

First define the Group & Insert the Number range from 1001 to some range in MMNR.

Assign your Material type ROH or other to that group.

Then when you create the Material in MM01 don't enter the Material number. System will take the 1001 number onwards when you select that material type in MM01.

In External number range system will only consider Alpha numeric no numeric number range.

If you define your own number range then don't enter manually the same number just leave blank & continue in creating the material master system will take the number automatically as per the number range maintained for that Material type in MMNR.



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Hello Anand,

i have done all settings accordingly but my client requires the external numbering nd it should be numeric for example 11000025-for xyz material



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For material type1001,go to mmnr t code.try to create material number range from 1 to 99999999 then select ex.

reward if useful



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Hi Ram,

I have given external numbering with range defined but in mm01 i cannot give material only numeric,but i want only numeric its client requirement ,