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One vendor - different incoterms

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Hi guys,

I have a requirement and need your help. 🙂

We have some suppliers and each of them has different delivering addresses and different incoterms.

In the former ERP-system there were different vendor master data maintained for each incoterms.


Vendor:           xvz

Address:          Munich

Account Nr.:    4711

Incoterms:      FOB

Vendor:          xyz

Address:        Augsburg

Account Nr.:   4712

Incoterms:     EXW

Don't ask me why they did it in that way.

How can I handle this in SAP?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I think you can use the Partner functionas concept . Orizinal vendor XYZ with one address and inco terms and another vendor abc ( with same vendor name ) as being OA -Ordering address mentioned in the initial vendor created and the OA vendor can have another inco terms