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one time customer

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hi friends,

can any body tell me the procedure for creating one time customer....



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A one time customer can be created using the standard account group that exists for a 'One Time Customer' in SAP .

One time Customer Account group will be having its own mandatory fields such as Addresses and bank details that are required for a single transaction.

The following is the steps:

SPRO-->Financial Accounting

-->Accounts Receivables and Accounts Pay ables

>Customer Accounts>Master Data

-->Preparations for creating Customer Master Data

-->Click Define Account Groups with Screen Layout

-->Click New Entries -->Check the field One time Account

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Hi saurabh,

when you are creating customer master for one time account group it is asking the reference account because of it has been kept as required entry in OBD2 t. code i.e creating account groups. so may be that field checked as required entry so that while creating CMR system asking the reference account.

One time customer master record that represents all partner functions and is used as a general customer for all the cases which you do not want to create a new specific master record.

Steps you follow.

Under IMG

Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable -> Customer Master -> Master Data -> Preparation for Creating Master Data -> Define Account Group with Screen Layout

Other wise use Transaction OBD2.

if you give me brief i can help you out more.

Thank you .



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Creation of group - Vendor/ Customers - OBD3 / OBD2

Define number ranges - Vendor/ Customers - XDN1 / XKN1

Assign Number ranges to the groups Vendor/ Customers - OBAS / OBAR

Creat Master data for one time vendors/customers (Centrally) XK01 / XD01

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The flag for a One-Time Customer is maintained in the Account Groups customisation, transaction OBD2.You can either use an existing Account Group (e.g. CPD) or create a new one. You then create an account in XD01/VD01 using that Account Group. When you subsequently use that account in a Sales Order, you will be prompted for the Customer's Name & Address.

Cheers, Paul.