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one sold to party, multiple ship to, bill to and payers

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Hi all,

My requirement is that one sold to party should have three ship to, two bill to, and one payer. In sap partner determination how we have to configure this, can we use single account group and also tell me step wise process. Also want to know that can we change partners at sales order level, if so what settings we have to do and how this can be done at order level

Points assured for benificial answers.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sunanda,

In VOPA transaction code, you create a partner determination procedure. Here you specify the partner functions to be used & also mark the mandatory partner functions.

This partner determination procedure is then assigned to the account group. Basically the standard account group for "sold to party - 0001" has all partner functions "SP", "SH", "BP" & "PY". Your requirement demands separate partner functions for SP, SH, BP & PY.

So you will have to create 4 different partner determination procedures in VOPA.





Create similar acount groups ZSOL, ZSHI, ZBIL & ZPAY in transaction code OBD2 & do the appropriate field selection for them.

Now assign the partner determination procedures to the account groups in VOPA.





Also assign the individual partner functions to the account group as mentioned below:





For ZSOL we assigned all partner functions because, when you will create a sold to party customer, you also have to specify who will the ship to party, bill to party & payer customers for the sold to party.

Now if you want you can assign the same number range to all account groups (assign a single person to create the customer master. So whenever a new customer is created, the partners will be created in line which will be very helpful)

Assume the number range is "0000010000 to 0000099999"

Create SP for 10000 = one sold to party

Create SH for 10001 = ship to party 1

Create SH for 10002 = ship to part 2

Create SH for 10003 = ship to party 3

Create BP for 10004 = bill to party 1

Create BP for 10005 = bill to party 2

Create PY for 10006 = one payer

Go to XD02 - select the customer 10000 - go to sales area data - partner functions.

Here in the "PF" column enter SH & in number enter 10001

Here in the "PF" column enter SH & in number enter 10002

Here in the "PF" column enter SH & in number enter 10003

Here in the "PF" column enter BP & in number enter 10004

Here in the "PF" column enter BP & in number enter 10005

Here in the "PF" column enter PY & in number enter 10006

So you have assigned the relevant partners to the sold to party.

Now when you create a sales order, after entering the sold to party when you press enter, the system will display a pop up asking fro selecting the relevant ship to, bill to & payer customers for that sales order.

For your second question - partners change in sales order:

Go to transaction code VOPA - select sales document header - click on partner procedures - double click on "TA-standard order" - here you will see the partner function & the columns & the entries shoulbe as under:

Func..........Desc................Not changeable.............Mandat. Func.......Source............Seq.

SP.........Sold to party...............X.....................................X.....................---.................--

SH.........Ship to party..............--...................................X.....................-..................--

BP.........Bill to party................--...................................X.....................-..................--


If you are not able to find the partner function either enter the partner function in the white box at the bottom, or place cursor on the partner function & press page down key on the key board.

This setting will allow you to change the partner in the sales order.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.

Thanks & regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil

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Hi Allab,

Your explanation cleared my problem to some extent. I have created one sold to party and multiple ship to, bill to. The process is running ok. But now if I want to create a customer with unique and single sold to party ( he is his own ship to and bill to and payer), when I used the same account group it throughs problem at partners tab in customer master. What will be the possibel solution for this.


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Dear Sunanda

Maintain the same customer code for other partner functions also in that sold to party customer master.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Lakshmipathi,

I tried that, not working.


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Hello Sunanda,

The system will definitely throw problem when you use the account group ZSOL for creating a customer for whom all the partner functions are the same (SP=SH=BP=PY).

In the previous settings for the partner procedure ZSOL (for account grpup ZSOL) we had used only partner function as SP. But you have to assign the partner functions SH/BP/PY also to the account group ZSOL otherwise in the customer master of the sold to party when you try to assign the SP/BP/PY, the system will throw error.

But now in your case, you have to use the standard account group "0001 - sold to party" & here when you create the customer, the system will automatically assign all the partner functions SP/SH/BP/PY in the sales area data - partner functions screen. SAVE the customer.

Now when you check in the customer master inthe change mode the system will display the same customer number for all partner functions SP/SH/BP/PY.

If you want you can assign the same number range to the account group "0001" also. Create a sales order with sith customer, no error will come.

This will definitely solve your problem.

Thanks & regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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This is important to understand how this should work with new S4HANA concept of BP Roles and not BP Partner Functions.

Unfortunately in SD Sales Order Creating you have to select BP Partner Function Sold-To and Ship-to, while BP roles (for example Customer BP Role) still pointing to all BP Partner Functions.

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Please see that you respond to a latest discussion and not to the one which has been created 12 years back

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hi sunanda,

1.Just Maintain SP,BP SH,PY in your account group.

2. In customer master for a particular customer .--In Sales area data u can add n no of SH,BP,& PY manually

3.For any other customer , by default u will get all four partner functions -SP,BP,SH,PY as maintained in ur account group.

4. whenever u create a sales order it will give u a pop-up screen asking for selection of partners accordingly.

Revert if not resolved



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Hi ,

Ucan achive through one account group SP cn't change but SH an have many u need do in partener function procedure u have to give SH- particular function changeble mandaatory same like bill to patrys and then normal procedure.add in order manuvally so taht system will accept auomatically ,



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Yes you can have multiple ship to party & 2 bill to n 1 payer-

eg: Reliance India mobile(RIM), mumbai is the sold to party

RIM,mumbai place order for NOKIA mobiles, the goods will be shifted to RIM,HYD ,RIM,blr & RIM,Chennai -

as per the business every RIM outlet has to show the goods received on their bill at the end of the each month.

this case, all respectvie regions,(HYD,BLR & Chennai) become bill to parties , but hte payment is done only by RIM, Mumbai-

hope above eg: exactly meets ur req-

to do this, you have to configure partner determination.

n maintian the ship to, bill to & payer as req'd in customer master record.

even you can change this partners at the time of sales order going to goto-item-partners tab.

let me know - if u get any prblms,if any

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Yes, You can achieve your objective through one account group. But, you have to manually add those to your primary customer master data (Sold-to party). Mind it, the Ship-to Parties, Payers and Bill-to Parties you are intended to add your primary customer Master Data. You have to create those prior to manual addition in primary Customer Master Data.

Take care.