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One question about Pricing and Conditions puzzle me for a long time!

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One question about Pricing and Conditions puzzle me for a long time.I take one example to explain my question:

1-First,my sale order use pricing procedure RVAA01.

2-Next,the pricing procedure RVAA01 have some condition type,such as EK01(Actual Costs),PR00(Price)....,and so on.

3-Next,the condition type PR00 define the Access Sequences PR00 as it's Access Sequences.

4-Next,the Access Sequences PR00 have some Condition tables,such as:

table 118 : "Empties" Prices (Material-Dependent)

table 5 : Customer/Material

table 6 : Price List Type/Currency/Material

table 4 : Material

5-Next,I need to maintain Condition tables's Records.Such as the table 5(Customer/Material).I guess the sap would supply one screen for me to input the data of table 5.At this screen,the sap would ask me to select one table,such as table 5.When I select the table 5,the sap would go to the screen to let me input the data of table 5.But when I use the T-CODE VK31 or VK32 to maintain Condition tables's Record,I found it's total different from my guess:

A-First,I can not found one place for me to open the table,such as table 5,to let me input the data?

B-Second,For example,when I select the VK31->Discounts/Surcharges->By Customer/Material,the sap show the grid view at the right side.At the each line of the grid view,you need to select the Condition Type at the first field.And this make me confused very much.Why the sap need me to select one Condition Type but not the Condition table?To the normal logic,it ought not to select Condition table but not the Condition Type!

Dear all,I'm a new one in sd.May be this is a very stupid question.But it did puzzle me for a long time.If any one can explain this question in detail and let me understand the concept,I will appreciate him/her very much.Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You said that you are using the VK31 or VK32.

These transaction codes are used to enter condition records for standard condition types. As you can see a grid left side having all the standard condition types like price, discounts, taxes, frieghts.

Pl check using T.code VK11 OR VK12 (change mode)

Here you can enter the required condition type, in the intial screen. (like PR00, MWST, K004, K005 .....etc)

After giving the condition type, press enter or click on Combinations icon on top of the screen. Then you can see all the condition tables which you maintained for that condition type. Like as you said table 118, table 5, table 6 and table 4.

You can select any table and press enter, then you can go into the screen in which you have all the field cataglogues you maintained for that table. For example you selected combination of Customer/Material (table 5) then after you press enter then you can see customer field on top, and material fields.

You can give all the required values and save the conditon record.

Hope this is clear.




Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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i hope that u r aware of the condition technique.he use or utility of T.Code's VK11 / VK12 n VK31 n VK32 is to maintain or change the condition records(all these r 'End User' transactions).in VK11 n VK12 u can only maintain or change the condition records for only one condition type, whereas in VK31 N 32 u can maintain or change the condition records for multiple condition doesnt matter whether its a discount,surcharge or price.

Condition Table is a 'SPRO' transaction.u maintain Condition Records for a particular Condition Type and not for a Condition Table.u place the relevant condition tables in access sequence in a logical order n in turn the access sequence is assigned to a condition type.whenever u try to maintain condition records for this particular condition type all condition tables which have been placed in the access sequence r populated as "Key Combinations". u select one or more according to the requirement n amongst these n maintain the records.


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hi melody,

instead of VK31 use VK11 to create condition records.

VK31 is used to create number of condition records at a time.

If u use VK11 it will show u as u described

reward if helpful


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try transactions VK11 / VK12 where you create / maintain conditions per type and table.