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One Material multiple boxes

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Hi experts,

I am working on a business issue we currently have and I would like to know if any of you had worked on something similar before.

Currently, we have a sales BOM that has 2 materials on it, part A (computer base unit + computer screen) and material B (power cord).

Sales BOM 10000

-Item A

-Item B

For item A, the computer base unit is manufactured in-house and we procure externally the screen. The screen is part of the production order as a component since there is a setup process to link them.

Our current issue is that since we only manage stock for the computer base unit, the delivery is shipping sometimes without the screen, which is a major error.

I was wondering a solution where we could come out from production with a scenario like 1 product 2 boxes, which could be stored in different BINs for example.

Then when the delivery comes in we would know that there are 2 boxes for that part.

Any ideas?

I tagged different groups because I was not 100% sure which one would fit this request.

I appreciate your time.

Thank you


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