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One inspection lot for several batches/HU's

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We have roll materials that are batch and Handling Unit measured. during producion, each roll is a new batch and HU under the same production order. We would like to have only one 04 inspection lot for the order. The only way we have found to make this happen is to NOT check "insp for HU" in the material master as this causes a lot per batch/HU. However, this means we then have to disposition the material out of QI stock separately (and manually) from the inspection lot. Has anybody found a way to configure a batch and HU managed material so that several batches and HU's are tied to only one 04 inspection lot? Thanks!

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Answers (2)

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For some reason I beleive I remember that we had to use early lot creation for the HU's.


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Correct FF. You have to use Early Lot creation with "Insp for HU" checked, otherwise you get message QHU018:


You set the 'Handling unit check' indicator and at the same time selected a type of lot grouping. This is not supported if you use handling units. Here, only the setting 'One inspection lot per material document item' has any effect.


  • Inspection lot origin 01 - For each order item, batch and storage location
  • Inspection lot origin 04 - Early lot opening for order item.


Check your entries and correct them if necessary."

We found this message to mean (via testing) that you get a lot per HU with any insp lot control besides early lot creation.

We have some materials that are batched by 24 hours with multiple HU's in that 24 hours, and this scenarios works correctly. There is one lot per 24 hours with multiple HU's and when a confirmation happens for the next batch, it creates a new lot for that batch.

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Hello Jimmy,

What have you selected as "Control InspLot" in inspection type-04 settings in material master (QM view)?

Coz based on this selection only system should create inspection lot... Like if you've selected as 'For each material document item', system should create an inspection lot for each GR for production... whereas I believe, we can have multiple HU/batch to them (I remember that in past, I had seen such scenario).

Could you please check & confirm?