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On Enterprise Portal, Org units are apprearing Twice.

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Dear Experts,

I couldn't find any previous thread talking about this issue I am facing so posting it as a new thread. Please help and forgive if this has been discussed before also.

On Enterprise portal we are seeing repeated Org. units( duplicated) while only one org. unit has been maintained for each of them. What should we do to rectify this error?

Please advice.

Thanks and regards,


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Answers (2)

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Dear Rony,

How did you upload the org units in the EP? In case you use the BDC there are chances of Duplication. First let me know what is the procedure you used? Coz i also faced the same issue while uploading the ORG UNITS thro BDC. Kinsly let me know.



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Dear Rony,

Assuming you're using the standard OADP configuration, please ave a look at the information:

Following are the facts of the OADP configuration being used in your system.

Object Selection being used:


"MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2" Employees in Org.Structure Up to Level 2

Configuration of the object selection rule:


Rule for Root Objects:


"MSS_TMV_RULE1" Managed Organizational Units

Rules for Navigation Objects:


MSS_TMV_RULE3 Organizational Structure Up to Level 2

Rule for Target Objects:


MSS_TMV_RULE4 Employees of an Organizational Unit

The Navigation rule " MSS_TMV_RULE3" is used for determining the objects of the Organization structure in the frontend. The Object selection rule is using the evaluation path" ORGEH_T . In your case, this evaluation path is fetching the organization structure twice. You can test the Report:RHSTRU00 in the backend system to visualize the Organization structure being fetched. Each customer will have their own organization structures. Therefore, at times the standard delivered evaluation paths

might not work as they are designed to be generic. This is precisely thereason we have provided the configuration ability to the customers to configure the OADP settings as per their organization structure. SAP doesn't have opportunity to understand all of the customers org structure. Hence, we have provided some generic onces. I was wondering if you can change your evaluation path to experiment the data being fetched. To start with you can change/copy the ORGEH_T evaluation path

to use only step (i.e)"B 002 Is line suprevior of " instead of two steps, you can experiment the results with the Report:RHSTRU00.

Hope this help