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OMC0 Tolerence Limits Do not check/ check?

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In OMC0 you can choose Tolerence limits in % and choose if the system should check or do not check?

Why does this option exist? What does it meen if the system should not check tolerence limits? If we dont want the system to have tolerence limits why bother to first enter %-values?


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Answers (2)

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There are two options. One to check it and the othe not to check it.

When you do a GR it checks for this.

If you want to check the variance, then give the variance % otherwise it takes if variance as 0%.

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Hi Andreas,

You can check further info in note 88320 and 518485.

If you do not want any tolerances,then you may select the 'Do not check' option. This will not later check the value even if there

is any entry in Tolerance limit %.