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OM PA integration

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Hello friends.

I have a confusion inthe integration of OM and PA. after the data uploads in both OM and PA when you run the report RHINTE00, it is said that data is transferred from PA to OM and the corresponding objects are automatically created in Personnel Planning and the relations are created by itself.

Please anybody tell me what actually happens after the report is executed.

Best Regards.

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This report reads the infotype records of the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) created in PA.

The system then checks whether all or some of these records exist in PD.

If all these records exist in PD, that is for the entire validity period of the PA record, a log is output. The log indicates that no changes are required in PD and no batch input session is created.

If changes are required, the system creates the following records in PD according to the Create Object(s) and Create Relationship(s) parameters.

Objects (infotype 1000):

Work center


Organizational unit


Relationships (infotype 1001) between the following objects:

Person and position (or work center)

Position and job

Position and organizational unit

Cost center and organizational unit or position (depending on the Relate Cost Center with parameter).

The system only creates objects and relationships with objects that are used in HR Master Data. The objects are created in the validity period they have in the relevant check tables for master data.

If the validity periods of the PA and PD records border each other or overlap, a continuous record is created in PD or the existing record is extended (thereby avoiding splits in the validity period).