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Hello Everyone,

I have question regarding OKB9.

In this transation code we assign cost center to cost element however, i am confused which cost element we should mention in OKB9.

Example: Cost Element : Power If we assign to one cost center then by default it will go to one cost center only but Power expenses should be distributed to all the cost center.

I would like to know what is the correct way of assigning cost center to cost element:

In KA02,OKB9 Or while posting entry in f-02

Thanks in Advance

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The defaults in OKB9 (or KA02) are used for the transactions where manual intervention of the user is not anticipated. For example, price difference or exchange rate difference, etc. In this case, since user does not have an idea to which cost centre these operations should flow, the defaults solve the problem. Whenever, an expense is to be put on different cost objects (depending on the business requirement), then OKB9 is useless and the data should be provided in the time of the transaction.