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OK17 Reconciliation Ledger vs. faglcofitrnsfrcodocs

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Dear All,

I have a challage with the TC OK17:

I have there rules included for the Reconciliation Ledger ... by debit/credit & CO transaction.

But with this rules the faglcofitrnsfrcodocs does not work: "Transfer CO Documents into External Accounting" ... it works only without debit/credit & CO Transaction restrictions ... so to post on account 499099.

How can OK17 be set up, that "RECONCILIATION LEDGER" and "Transfer CO Documents into External accounting" is working.

Kind regards


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Hello Zarko,

Please check If new G/L is active in your system.

To make sure real-time integration document is created, you have to assign company code
to any variant in he maintenance view V_FAGLCOFICCODEC.

Transaction FAGLCOFITRACEADMIN will provide a log of the postings.  You
will first have to active the log for a specific Real Time Integration
variant in customzing. More details, please aslo refer to KBA 1979589.


Another transaction is FAGLCOFITRNSFRCODOCS which is used to transfer
CO Document retrospectively.  The transaction can be execute in
testmode which can be used to check on posting that maynot have
been made.

Best regards,

Ronghua Fan

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Dear Ronghua,

thank you for this hint.

We do not have "new G/L".

I was told by SAP that the reconciliation ledger and the real time Integration do not work in paralel.

however I just wonder if the FAGLCOFITRNSFRCODOCS Transaction is the "real time Integration"

Kind regards