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Off-Cycle Payroll Run with reason Absence.

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We are trying to execute Off-Cycle Payroll Run with reason Absence, however the /559 and /560 are showing Zero amount.

We are running it via Offcycle workbench. Would it really make a difference?

Here are the main configurations I have done:

1. We have executed the regular payroll run for past one month (Jan 2010).

2. We have maintained a 10 days absence for next month (Feb 2010)

3. The Absence valuation is configured to generate WT 3000, in which I am able to pull the number of absence hours.

My question is how to I get the per hour rate multipled by number of absence hours AUTOMATICALLY. I am looking to do it with configuration instead of PCR. Any thoughts?

Scenario: Current month (Jan) regular payroll is over, and employee applied for half month leave in next month(Feb). Now, employee wants to take salary for those 15 leave days before going for leaves.



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Dear Yash,

Why dont you try Off-cycle "Ondemand" for Feb 2010?

Record unpaid absence, for no of days which you donot want to pay and it can be taken care, while running regular payroll also.



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Hi Yash,

I am not sure, if this functionality can be achieved without a PCR.

I guess you need to write a PCR for this....

Still you can try this using constants dependent on wage types path is IMG ->Payroll->Time Wage Type Valuation->Valuation Bases->Constant Valuation Bases->Constants Dependent on wage types.

I have a question here, if you are paying the employee for the half month of absence before he took the leave, how will the system know when you run the regular payroll for him at the end of the month that employee already got paid for the half month absence?

You should make sure that system doesnt pay him twice......


Janga K.

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Hi Janga

I was also in thoughts of a custom PCR. Thanks!!!

Yes, I have thoughts about the future issue of duplicate payment. I think it should be taken care by default, if not I think using another custom PCR I can build following logic:

If WT(7000) and WT(7001) exists in LRT, then reduce the current Net as (Current Net - AMT of 7001).

WT 7000 includes the number of payroll hours.

WT 7001 includes the calculated amount againts WT 7000.

What do you say?