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OEC55 Theme problem

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I've downloaded OEC55 plugin from praxixs website. I put this to 5.9 wersion. Now I cannot right-clik on catalog (popup menu) and cannot use some of buttons in HTML mini editor. On OEC5 theme everything is OK. Is there any newer version of oec55 Theme?

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I found solution. I modified OEC55 theme <b>header</b> slot. i removed this part:

div.container {
	width: 923px;
        background: url('%%ThemesPath%%OEC55bg.png');
        * background: none;
        * filter:progid:DXimageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaimageLoader(src='%%ThemesPath%%OEC55bg.png', sizingMethod='scale');

and now everything works fine.

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Ok kool. I think that was put in there to make a transparent background, so that the shading on the heading images would work.

I didn't make the theme, but I believe the intention was so that the transparent background would work in IE, however, the right-click problem only seems to exist in IE, so the fix for one thing broke another!

Gotta love the browser wars.