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[OCPR] , Error (-1004) encountered.

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I'm tring to change the BP cardname in OCRD

bp.CardName = "New Name"

If bp.Update() <> 0 Then

System.Console.WriteLine("", m_cmp.GetLastErrorCode, m_cmp.GetLastErrorDescription)

End If

the update statement fails with this message

[OCPR] , Error (-1004) encountered.

when the BP has related a contact.

If I try to change the name by B1 (2004 PL34) it works.

Do you know why?

Ciao. Nicola

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nicola,

This issue was identified as a bug in the DI and was due to be patched as at 04.08.2005. It is not a problem in 2005A.

If you have access to the SAP Marketplace then see SAP Note 840660.

Kind Regards,


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