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OC 3.0 SP1 Multiple incumbents data merged in Pos View and Details Panel

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In OrgChart 3.0 SP1 we have some instances where there are multiple holders for a position (e.g. 2 people job sharing at 50% each). For all employees the requirement is to display additional data for Employee Group/Subgroup (text), Payscale (Basic Pay IT0008) as well as the standard position/org unit information. For multiple incumbents there are some negative impacts to the data display and any suggestions on how to resolve these issues would be very welcome.

1. Details Panel

If additional fields and data elements are added using the Admin Console, for multiple incumbents the data for each employee displays without distinguishing clearly which employee the data belongs to. So the first employee's name appears, followed by all data for all employees below.

Alternative approach was to try to display the data through the Employee Profile (as separate Profile tabs appear for each employee) by editing the XML files. However, the Profile seems to regenerate in such a way that the additional data for both employees appears in the first employee tab and the 2nd employee tab only contains the basic standard position-org unit information.

What is the best way to distinguish each set of data for an employee in the Details Panel?

2. Position Box View

In the Position Standard View the box shows "Multiple Incumbents" instead of the specific employee names (although these appear if you mouse over). To list the names separately within the box, in a previous post we had the suggestion to modify the template file. However, on closer investigation there appear to be approx 500 instances in 40 files for the relevant views that may need modification.

Is there a more targeted way to do this?

I would be very interested to know how others have configured / dealt with the data for multiple incumbents in their org charts and details panels.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Clementine,

I hope all is well down under

1. This is a known bug that is resolved in SP2. If you cannot upgrade to SP2 you can delta-merge the changes into SP1, although this is not so easy for the unexperienced. OSS might be able to provide some comprehensive instructions, but I would advise to upgrade to SP2 if possible (although, again, if you've already configured or customized any part of the Position or Employee details then you need to delta-merge the changes anyway).

2. This is standard functionality in the Organization Structure with linked Positions. The alternative is to use the Organization Structure that has linked Employees instead. This will display the structure as you are expecting it.

Let us know if you need more assistance.

Best regards,


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Hi Luke

Thanks for the helpful answer. I think you have laid out the options clearly.

Many thanks and kind regards


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