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Object links in DMS - Production version

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Hi Gurus,

We have a requirement of using production version as object links in DMS. The reason of linking the documents with production version being we are using Master Recipe (process industry) and hence unable to link the DIR's at the operation level, as we do not have that functionality in master recipe.

We tried two approaches for linking DIR's in DMS with PP master data production version.

1. Linking the Document in DMS from Production version in C223. In this particular case everything looks perfect and we can see the document links both from DMS (CV03N/CV04N) as well as from Production version transaction C223.

2. Linking documents in DMS from DMS transaction (CV01N/CV02N) - Even in this case system allows us to link document with production using object links option-Production version. The only inconsistency which I could observe is, the document link is not visible from the production version transaction C223. Is this what is expected?

Or Am I missing any settings in SPRO/ Master Data/ DMS which is causing this inconsistency. Please help.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response. Actually, I lost hope after waiting anxiously for sometime with no responses and hence the delay in supplying you with the screen shots. Please find the screen shots of the object link config for the concerned doc type (ZBC) attached herewith.

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Hi Pradeep,

could you please send us some screenshots from the customizing in transaction DC10 at "Define object link". I only found SAP note

1347215 which sounds relevant but I'm not sure if this correction is already implemented in your system.

Best regards,