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objCompany = new SAPBOBSCom.Company failing in Windows Server

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We developed add-on for SAP Business One 8.8 PL 13 and solution working as expected. After complete testing when we try to install and run in Client Production Environment, we encouter issue. The only difference between my development environement and Production Environment is SAP Business One 8.8 PL 14.

We get System.Exception with now message on following line

objCompany = new SAPBOBSCom.Company.

Also found, SAP Business One Fixed Assets add-on not working as expected.

Thanks in advance for your help / error solving clues.

Ravi Shankar

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Try going to Start->run and entering %temp%. Then in this folder, delete the folder "SM_OBS_DLL" and try the addons again - the fact that you have trouble with 2 addons point to it being a problem with your DI so if it still doesnt work, try installing the DI API from the 8.8 PL14 package (this will register the DLLs again)

Final thing you can try is running the PL14 SBO-COMMON upgrader again to replace it with a fresh one.

If still not working after all that, we need more info - is it happening on multiple machines, what is the exception etc.

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DI API installation failure or invalid Observer.dll.

to do: clean up the %TEMP% directory on the server. Or reinstall SAP B1 Client (SAP B1 DI API is installed with the client).

if it is a server, then steps:

1. remove sap b1 client

2. remove DI API (in server installation it is installed as a part of the application in 2007)

3. install client

it will work.