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O.H Calculation through Template Allocation

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Dear All,

Can any body help me regarding Over Head Calculation through Template Allocation. How it will be working with functionality with output as campared to costing sheet. Because my client is asking Template allocation for OH calculation.

And one more think that what is the difference between Costing sheet and Template allocation in product costing for calculation of OH.



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Hi Bhaskar ,

Welcome to SDN .. Templates are nothing but a tool for complex calculation of formulas .

Templates can be used for formula planning , activity allocation or overhead cost allocation . Enviornment of template tells you what you want to do with a template .

If you want OH Calculation to product instead of a Costing Sheet .. use enviornment "1" for Plan and "9" for actual.

You have lot of pre-defined SAP complex formulas available in the templates which you can use..

Please revert back for any further clarifications



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Dear Sarada,

Than Q very much to giving immidate reply. Can u send the configuration steps that How to do and How to configure in IMG for template allocation of OH calculation.



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Hi ,

Template Creation

Enviornment varies with requirement and config will also varry , considering you are using templtes with enviornment 1 and 9 ( for Cost Allocation to Product )

Transaction CPT1 :-

1. Enter the name of the template and environment 001 2. Inside the template Type = Cost Center / Activity Type

3. Description = as you please

4. Object = Use the sender object .. either cost enter or combination of CC and AA whatever you need :

SenderCostCenter = 'XXXXXX' AND

SenderActivityType = 'AAAA'

or you can use the screen in bottom right to input the formula

5. Plan Quantity = Use the screen bottom for formula or use your own one ..

BomItemAlternativeQuantity( AlternativeQuantityUnit =

MaterialBaseQuantityUnit, ConditionField = BomItemComponents,

ComparisonValue = 'XXXXXX' )

6. Plan Activation = ACTIVE

7. Actual Quantity = Use your own formula using predefined SAP formulas

OrderMaterialQuantityConf( Material = 'XXXXX' )

6. Actual Activation = ACTIVE

Assignment of the Template

1. Create a OH Key using SPRO > Controlling > Prod Cost Controlling > Product Cost Planing > Basic Settings for Material Costing > Overhead > Define OH Keys

2. In Transaction OKZ2 Create OH group and assign that to the OH Key created in 1

3. Create Cost Sheet (only code and name) in SPRO > Controlling > Prod Cost Controlling > Product Cost Planing > Basic Settings for Material Costing > Overhead > Define Costing Sheets

4. In Transaction KTPF assign Controlling Area : Costing Sheet : OH Key : Template Environment : Template

5. In material master costing 1 view assign the OH group to the material (standard cost estimate reads this)

6. In the master data of the order assign the costing sheets and OH key etc so that the actual template allocation can happen.


Plan template is not required to be executed. At the time when you run CK11N or CK40N it is taken care of.

Actual Template allocation can be done with transaction CPTA - Individual Processing and CPTD - Collective Processing

I hope you would find this useful and you can further explore templates for the various formulae that you can define using th bottom right hand side in the screen of CPT1 to create magic in allocation. What I told here is very basic.

Please revert back in case you have doubts and also in case the formulae do not work



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Hi Sarada,

I am closing this issue.



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I got answer to this issue.

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Dear Bhaskar;

I have got the same issue. I have open a topic about it.

I have tried above solution but did not work.

İs that possible , can you give the functions please?

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Hi Baskar/Sharada

I need to book Overheads to service automatically at the month end, using the template.

But I could not do because of the error I am getting.

I issue material to service order MB1A,

I issue labor activity type for one hour

Now I need to add overheads of one hour for all orders automatically at the month end

since the technicians will not run another step called overheads during confirmation of service orders.

I created the following but it did not work. Can you help how to create CPT2 for the above requirements step by step