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Numbering system

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Dear all,

My requirement: for number system is in the form of XXX.NNNNNN.Y

Where: XXX & NNNNNN is any required external number suported by DOT(.) in between the number.

and Y - Version of the document shall be incremented sequentialy i.e A,B,C etc....

Waiting for all your valuable responce.

Thank you

Seema Pilankar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If u would like to maintain numbering system like this then you have to keeep this as external / mixed numbering system.

but if you would like to change document no. every time with version as last digit (.Y) for docuemnt no. then it is not possible with std. SAP DMS. You have to do some developmenty for this.

Please let me know the solution if its differ from aboe information.



pls awrd pts. if its useful / solve ur query

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In case of XXX.NNNNNN.Y u need to split it into Doc number XXX.NNNNNN & Vresion Y if possible.

FI u plan to use XXX.NNNNNN.Y format for document number u cannot use document version along with document number.

The way u r expecting the document number to increment doesn't seem to be good idea.

If u expect Y to increment in document number(XXX.NNNNNN.Y) also then u'll not be able to take advantage of any functions provided by std SAP for new versions as u'll be changing the document number itself.

Points Appreciated.