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Number Ranges for Planning (Cost Planning & Revenue Planning CJR2) & Budge

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Hi All,

I would like to know about the number ranges for Cost Planning ,Revenue Planning & Budgeting.

As per Standard SAP,They have assigned some number ranges to budgeting (for CJ30 the is "02" & for Investment Budgeting IM32 it is "10" ).

My queries:

1.Do we have number range for Cost planning & Revenue planning.i mean if we do CJR2 transaction,can we get a document no?

2. If i want to add a new number range for Budgeting ,how can i go ahead?

I checked with t-code OK11,here i can add a new Number Range,but how to assign the number range to Budgeting business transaction?

Kindly post your comments on this.

Thanks in Advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Apart from what you've mentioned, the following number ranges are defined in the standard system:

01 Project budget

02 Project plan

03 Order plan

04 Order budget

You usually (only) create the number range intervals as required.

Budget documents are generated automatically and this is standard. But if you need to write planning documents (which doesn't get generated automatically) you can set the business transaction 'Write Plan Items' using the user status on the WBS elements. Now if you plan/save against such WBS using CJR2, planning documents will be created.

If you've activated the integrated planning indicator for the WBS elements and do integrated planning along with cost centre (which is completely different process) planning document are automatically written, no need for user status here.



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