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Number ranges for GTINs (EANs)

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Hello gurus,

one simple question concerning number ranges for GTINs (transaction W4EN):

According to, the following prefixes were defined for GTINs:

000-139: GTINs from the US and Canada

200-299: GTINs for internal use ("Instore-EANs", internal numbering)

300-999: Other countries and uses

Thus, I would need one number range (e.g. 200000000000-299999999999) for our internally used GTINs (EAN Category IE "Instore EANs").

But I would need two number ranges for "normal" EANs (EAN Category "Manufacturer EANs"), for example 000000000000-139999999999 and 300000000000-999999999999.

Of course, this is not possible, because only one number range can be assigned to every EAN category.

Any ideas on this? Sure, I could define two EAN categories for manufacturer EANs, but I am wondering if there is a better solution.



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An EAN must fulfil several criteria, for example, it must belong to a valid number range interval, it must normally have a valid EAN prefix, and it must satisfy a predefined check digit algorithm. For this reason, an EAN should only be assigned externally if it is specified by an external source such as the vendor, or if you are familiar with the configuration of EANs in Customizing. It is otherwise best for EANs to be assigned internally.

With internal number assignment, you enter the EAN category but not an EAN. With external number assignment, you enter the EAN but not an EAN category. In this case, the EAN category is determined by the system automatically.

You can use the Business Add-In BADI_EAN_SYSTEMATIC to assign customer-specific EAN/UPC numbers and check these using customer specifications.



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Hello Antony,

and thanks! Unfortunatelly, your answer did not exactly cover our problem.

We know how SAP handles EANs in general. The point is that we need to assign two number ranges to EAN Category "Manufacturer EANs", because instore EANs have a number range between those two external number ranges.

Any ideas on how this could be done? In my view anyone using Instore-EANs should have the same problem...