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Number range formMaster data upload test system

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I have the following question. Will the number range for customer, vendor data, etc created in the test system remain the same once we move them to the productive system, or will the productive system assign new numbers to each customer, vendor, etc?

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Hi nicci1602,

Master data of customers & vendors is client specific i.e. you should set it up in every system. Therefore, the following comments apply:

- If the account group (for customer / vendor) has a number range with external assignments (check in t-code XDN1 / XKN1), you can create the same vendor in multiple systems with the same ID. This applies as a rule to IC customers / vendors where we want to have the same IDs for IC processes. For example, if you have company codes 1000 & 2000, they can be mapped as IC vendor ICV1000 that buys from the IC customer ICD2000. And normally you want to have this relationship in all systems/clients.

- In most other cases, the assignment of number ranges is internal. Therefore, when you create the customer / vendor in test / production system, they will usually have different IDs.

- The exception: from time to time the basis team is doing the system copies by copying of the transactional / master data for example from production system to quality system. In that case, it is possible that the IDs of the customers / vendor in both systems will be the same. But it will be a temporary situation.