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Number range for process order - Bulk and Filling.

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I was trying to configure the Process order number range based on order type. In the IDES/ development system, some of the number ranges are pre-configured and already in use. Even the '+' green sign at the top is missing.

I tried with 'CORN' and then selected the order type and the Number Range General at the very bottom.

Help is appreciated and will be rewarded.

For example: The FG process order to have 1xxxxxxxxx, bulk: 2xxxxxxxxx.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First you need to create a number range group and here you need to define the number range. Once this is done select the number range group and order type and hit the assignment button.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Number Ranges

Assigning number range

There are two types of number assignment:


When saving a data record, the SAP System assigns a sequential number that lies within the corresponding number range interval.


When saving a data record, either you or an external system assigns a number. You need to ensure that the number lies within the corresponding number range interval.


Co82 let us say order number range maintenance

let us say you have created a new order type oen for FG and one for bulk and you want to assign a new number range

In CO82..

Menu path Group -->maintain

In maintain number range group screen,

Group --> insert

Give text and from number and to number

say text = new order say For FG

range - 1xxxxxxxxx to 1999999999999 (tick ext check box if the range is external number range-manual input)

click on +

You can see your group at the end of list

In Not assigned group your new order type will be present

Place the curser on that order type and fallow the menu path as below

Edit -->select element

Select NEW order number range group check box

edit --> assign element group.

Now the number range is assigned to the new order. Save it, You will get a pop up, just ignore it.

I hope it will help you

Same thing yoyu repeate for Bulk

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In CO82 Transaction, Click on Groups button.

In Group Menu, click insert.

Specify name of New Number range group and specify Number range from and to.

Now New number range group appears in list without any assignments.

select that test group

From the set of Not assigned order types, select order types(F2).

and from Edit menu, Assign group (F5).


Krishna Mohan