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Notifications for situation handling type PROC_OVERDUEPRITEMTOCONFIRM

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I'm trying to receive notifications for situation type PROC_OVERDUEPRITEMTOCONFIRM (Situation Template: Confirmation is Overdue for PR Item).

I have set up everything as required and I receive the situations triggered by this situation type in the 'My Situations' app, I can also see the in-app message in the 'Confirm receipt of goods' app. But now I want to receive push notifications in the SAP Fiori Launchpad as well.

In the template no recipients are maintained, but that shouldn't be an issue, since the recipients (requestor/creator) are determined automatically according to the SAP Help.

The notification setup should be fine, I can receive notifications for other situation types. Only for this situation type, I do not receive any push notifications.

Any help on this matter is much appreciated!

Kind regards,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi wimdesmedt,

jose.marquezmares' blog post provides step by step instructions on how to set up Confirmation is Overdue for PR Item.

The recipients of the notifications can be determined either through teams or responsibility rules. For this particular situation template, you have the option to use responsibility rule SIT_OVRDUEPR_OWN (Determine the owners responsible for the SSP PR), which automatically identifies the requestor and creator of the specific purchase requisition item and notifies these users whenever a situation occurs.

Kind regards,


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Is this rule custom built or is a pre existing one as I am facing the same issue as mentioned by OP and cannot see the rule as well.