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Notificating overlapping operations

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I have 3 operations, where operations 1 and 2 are overlapped.

I need that notifications 1 and 2 could be done independent of each other. I mean, the system must allow me notify this scenarios:

- first operation 1 and then operation 2;

- first operation 2 and then operation 1

Can I do this using overlapped operations?? What settings do control this?

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Answers (2)

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Create a routing group and 2 gorup counter

counter 1 first opartion thensecond operation

counter 2 seconnd operation first then first operation.

selecet the group counter which ever required before creating production.

PLease come back if you need any help

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Thanks for your help but I have some doubts. You mean I must create 2 routing sheets for my product?

Then when I create a production order, I must choose 1 routing sheet ... which one I choose?

And doesn't it have any consequence in capacity planning or another point of productin planning or posterior analisys?


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Hi Natalia,

working with PP-PI , the relationships between operations must be defined by the user, I mean, if you do nothing, then there is no relationship, all phases are "loose" ; if this is the case you can confirm first any one of the operations.

Any way, if you prefer some kind of spanish spoken assistance (easier for both!) send me an e-mail and we can discuss it in detail


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Hello, and bienvenida.

If according to the process you can confirm anyone of the operations, I wonder if makes sense to have these as overlapped or even maintain any kind of precedence relationship.

The easiest way: maintain them w/o relationships; then you confirm the operation in any order.

If there is a relationship but the operation key is not allowing you milestone confirmations, you could be able to confirm any operation but you would get some message regarding some previous operations not yet confirmed.

Let me know if this can be helpful.


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Hola Dario!! Thanks for your answer but I don´t know how to maintain operations w/o relationships ...

I've tried using the operation graphical function but some options like Options --> Modify sequence shows the message "It's not yet implemented" ... is this the way to modify operation relationships?

gracias por adelantado!