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Note to Payee

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Dear Experts,

We have requirement related to payment order should generate separately for each Branch Vendor invoices instead of Single payment order in SAP.

Currently we are using DME file for generating same and we need to get separate payment order number for each line item.

The details are below:-

The scenario for the generation of the individual payment orders for the branch offices is:

1.  The reason we use the branch office/head office functionality is so we can automatically transfer the invoice/credit liability to the main head office vendor when an invoice against the branch office gets posted.  This is to ensure that we do not pay the real vendor but pay Head Office Vendor therefore our liability is with Head office Vendor. 
2.  When we send the payment file to Payables, we send individual payment orders for each invoice/credit note with regards to each branch office vendor. 
2.  The generation of a payment order is against the main
2.  This will allow the vendors to log on and view their invoices/credits and then take payment
3.  Each day, we will receive a statement from Payables in MT940 format (this is being worked on now) which will reference the individual payment order.
4.  We load up the statement into FF_5 and this will clear the Barclaycard vendor using the payment order number as an assignment to assist in clearing.  This will then post a normal payment document.

One example :- If we have to 2 invoices for branch vendor assume Inv Doc 1 and 2. Once we run the F110 system is generating single payment order number for all open items for vendor instead of generating separate payment order number.

P.S:- We have maintained Individual payment check box in vendor master data and also we don't use head and branch office functionality system is generating payment order against each open items of vendor.

We need to know how we can use note to payee functionality in DME file for generating separate payment orders.

Let  me know if more detail required from my end. Positive response from you all.

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Answers (1)

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Note to payee functionality is used to pass payment details to vendors/customer ie. document numbers, reference, assignment and so on.

I would recommend to use grouping key functionality in vendor master data:

The grouping key represents a rule according to which the open items of the account are to be grouped together for payment. The grouping key is used in cases where you do not want all the open items of a customer or a vendor to be paid together but rather you want only those items which belong together to be grouped into a single payment. A maximum of three fields from the open items are defined for every grouping key; the contents of these fields must correspond in order that the open items can be paid together.

Maintain view V_TZGR (or t-code OBAP) to provide rules (such as document number (BELNR)).

You can also refer to OSS note 305414 which describes thoroughly algorithm of grouping items in F110.