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Not possible to determine any components

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Dear expert ,

I maintain selection method as 2 = Selection by production version under MRP2 view.

When i create subcon PO,it show error:"Not possible to determine any components"

BOM is valid and active

Is there anything i miss out?

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Answers (6)

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In additon to maintain the 2 = Selection by production version under MRP4 view, have you created the production version for the same material in the MRP4 view, if not then please create it, as its the std behaviour of SAP, system will ask you the BOM with production version.

Please check and revert.



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Check whether if had assigned the Production version in your Subcon Info-record.............Hope this may help you...

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Dear Sasy,

Production Version is used in order to select the correct combination of BOM and Routing when you require/maintain alternate BOM/Routings.

You can use the production versions based on:

1. Lot size quantity

2. BOM explosion dates

3. Based on MRP Group

In production version we maintain the combination of BOM and routing.

Also it can be designed with lot size or validity period.

Maintain Production Version as below:

T. Code - MM02--->MRP4 / Work scheduling view -

> Prod.Version.

Enter the validity period and lot size.

After entering the reqd. routing no. and BOM alternative, carry a check. You should see a green check mark if the correct combination has been determined.

A BOM is not exploded in the following situations:

- No BOM is effective u2013 on the explosion date and in the given validity period.

- The BOM has a deletion indicator.

- The BOM is a multiple BOM, and has no alternative that matches the lot size for your required quantity (if explosion is based on lot size).

- No BOM matches the selection criteria of the BOM application you selected.

Also check the BOM Usage and individual/collective indicator on MRP4 screen of material master.

With Best Regards