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Not allowing Picking & PGI simultaneously for same material

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We run Parallel activities for Creation of Sales Order ?"VA01"

(Dispatch Planning) & deliveries at various locations for a

specific Plant for specific Material.

As per standard SAP, if some one is creating a sales order for a

specific customer / material / same Delivering Plant at

Centralized Location & simultaneously delivering Plant is

picking same material against a different sales order for same /

any other Customer, then system is not allowing to Pick & do the

PGI ? (Message is appearing as ?Material locked by another


Accordingly, if any user is creating sales order for a specific

Product / same Delivering Plant then system is converting our

order status as ?CP? (Sched.line cat.) and allows saving. We

have to convert the same from ?CP? to ?CN? on the schedule line

sub screen in the sales order before creating the deliveries, so

as to facilitate creation of delivery.

For Picking of Bales or products we have developed One Z program.

What is the way out? Please provide solution about this query because this is

continuous process & all activities will run in tandem.



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Sir, this is the standard functionality of SAP. It locks other users from using the same tables and that's why only one user can use one material at one time. other cannot use the same material simultaneously.

The reason is, when you do changes in a material, all the changes are going in a standard table and at the same time if some other user also does changes in the same material, the system will not be able to understand which changes it has to maintain first and which afterward.

That's the reason why system will lock all the enteries of the table that you are updating.

It does not hinder work, but rather will be useful on a long run.

There is a short cut to open up the lock tables but it is not recommended. PLEASE DO NOT USE THAT SHORT CUT EVEN IF SOMEBODY ADVICES YOU.


Avnesh Kamdar