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Not allow to change pricing condition in Billing,,,

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Hi ,

I want to know the user exit or other solution for following:

System should not allow to change the value of basic pricing condition type in billing.

Ex. In sales order value of condition PR00 is 100, then it should not allow

to change the value of condition type PR00 in billing. If requires to change, it should allow

to change in sales order only.

Thanks & Regards,


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You dont need a Userexit for the requirement you have specified as it can be metigated through the standard settings give in the Copy controls setting for Billing.

Go to T.code VTFA and choose the Sales order to Billing copy control settings, select the relevant source order type and the target billing type.

And then select the Item category relevant and press the Display change mode ikon their you find the field Pricing type and press F4 you find option 'D ' -- Copy pricing elements unchanged , select this option and save the changes.