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Non-Windows, Open Source Web Front-End, PHP access to Business One etc.

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[I may have accidentally posted this question previously in the wrong forum. I appolgise in advance if you have read this posting in more than one place.]

Hi there,

I am a complete newbie to all things SAP, so please excuse my ignorance.

I am trying to implement a solution for SAP Business One, including a web front-end for queries and information. The SAP backend is running on a SQL Server, Windows 2000.

The catch is, I won't be running the web front-end off a Windows server. I need to find a solution for an Apache server, running (probably) PHP but could be JSP or any other scripting language to access SAP - but it will be running on a separate server, non-windows.

I have been given examples of people getting access to the DI Server using PHP, but it all involves a call to a COM() function that won't run from anything except a Windows server.

How can I acheive the same result running a PHP page from an OpenBSD or Linux / Apache server? Is the DI Server the right thing to be looking at, or am I going in completely the wrong direction?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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I dont think somebody has done what you want. But if I has to do it, I think I'll use 2 servers. One server with the Webservices and the access to the COM in a windows server, and the second one, the apache and php.

That way, you can use the webservices as in any web application, and dont worry about the COM.

good luck!

Harold Gómez

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woulda been useful if the di-server did the webservices eh? then you would be hald way there

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There is something called "DI Java Conector".

I have never used it, but it looks like it can help you.

Look for information about it, and good luck!