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Non Valuated Material

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Hi all,

I am procuring non valuated material with account assinn category.

Cost been booked against that cost center at GR. But, i am able issue the material to other cost center also. even thogh, there is no accounting update, but i am stil able to issue to other dept.

How should restrict that material issue to other depts.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think I can understand your problem, you want manage inventory, probably for planning purposes. As the material is UNBW non valuated,you have to specify a cost center when you order e.g. CC123

When doing the GR this CC123 gets charged.

Later an other costcenter e.g. CC456 needs this material, and you can goods issue the quantiy to CC456.

But CC123 does not want that any other cost center can take THEIR material, as CC123 had all the costs and the goods issue to CC456 does not credit CC123 and debit CC456.

Instead of looking for a restriction you should revise your process or material structure.

If more than one costcenter needs this material, then you should manage it as valuated stock, so the cost get charged to the cost centers when you do the goods issue, and not when doing the GR.

Alternative you could analyse the movements (with MB51) and do a FI posting to credit CC123 and debit CC456.

Alternative you could create a virtual storage location for each cost center.

So you could differentiate the stock by ownership (pretty theoretical)

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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If you use materials with material type UNBW (Non-Valuated Material) and create PO and GR then it will update stock of the material after GR. But, it will be non-valuated.

If you don't want stock to be updated after GR then use Materials with Material Type NLAG (Non-Stock Material)