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Non Changeable Settlement Type in Production Orders

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We are using discrete manufacturing production orders configured with

FUL settlement type rule.

But now we are going to implement the CO Cost object hierarchies

functionality to allocate indirect material and activity type costs.And

the later to distribute to all the production orders proportionally to

the target cots.

We know that the Settlement Type must be changed from FUL to PER

(periodic settlement) and we agree perfectly.

The question is that for all preexisting production orders before the

creation of the CO Cost Object hierarchies has the settlement type FUL.

The we would like to modify to PER settlement type and the system does

not permit it and issue the error message code KD 063.

We have been searching OSS Notes and we have found the note 518496 that

defines the possibility to use the program zpsfc040k (version 4.6C) to

regenarate the settlement rule.

Can we use this program as a solution to modify the settlement type

rule for the preexisting production orders? If not we can we do?.

Best regards


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How did you make SAP default to PER (periodic) when you create a settlement rule?



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Brian, many thanks for your answer. First the default settlement type for the production order was FULL. Later I modify the default rule as PER. But my problem was regarding to all the production orders created before the change because I wanted to modify directly in the production order the settlement type but I couldn´t as SAP standard functionality. Then searching OSS Notes I found an interesting OSS Note similar containing some program to modify settlement type in production orders (the program ZPSFC040K). Finally I have decided to test this program and it works perfectly: the system modify for all production orders not already settled the settlement type according to the new configuration.

So I close this issue and many thanks for your answering.