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no wip and variance calcu error

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I run KKAX for process order, it shows No WIP, Goods receipt 30 qty, but variance calculation KKS2 shows error, what should I do?

Only remaining var. in version 0 - no target costs for 001730600000

Message no. KV151


For the calculation of variances with 001730600000 , the target costs in target cost version 0 are missing for the following reasons:

There were no planned costs and/or planned quantities (see earlier message).

The quantities on which the planned costs were based are zero in the time period concerned. This may be caused by the fact that no goods receipt for a cost object (such as a product cost collector or production order) has been entered.

This results in target costs of zero.

System Response

Because no target costs were calculated, the difference between the

planned and actual costs could not be broken down into variance categories. The difference is updated as a remaining variance.

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Answers (2)

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Check the material master - costing view 2 whether you have a current standard cost estimate. If you don't have cost estimate created and released, there is no target cost to be compared with (normally target cost version 0 will compare actual against standard cost estimate).

As for No WIP, please revert production order status. If it is TECO or DLV, then it is a variance. And if the settlement type is PER, it is also no WIP.


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I have two problem,

1), if I set costing version 1, I can run KKS2, it shows variance -106815, but when I run KO88, it shows below: what setting should I change ? thanks

Either the sender is already settled, or there is nothing to settle

Message no. KD213


Possible causes:

The balance on the sender is zero.

There is nothing to settle for the settlement type selected.

Example: Periodic settlement

Distribution rule: Percentage rate 50%

Receiver cost center 1

Settlement type PER

Charge in the posting period: $200

Credit from earlier settlement: $100

The distribution rule always applies to the period value (here: $200). At the month end, 50% (here $100) was settled. This leaves nothing to be settled when the period close is repeated. The balance (here: $100) can only be settled

2), i have three costing version, kks2 shows version 0 and version 2 has no cost estimate, but costing version 1 has standard cost estmate. (costing run is on version 1), thus KKS2 reports error for version 0 and 2, so how to change setting, so KKS2 will not show error for both three costing version?

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how can the above error be solved, any notes to apply? thanks

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The only other thing I can think of is the Valuation Variants

and versions set in the Config Variance anylisis -Define Target Cost

Versions - you set up the parameters for comparison in this step. Have

all your parts been costed without errors and released etc and have all

the parts a cost estimate with the same variant and version as both

these criteria are used to identify.