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No Template Body found for TemplateCode

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I have installed SP1P1 on my web server and have upgraded my test instance/test copy of my database.

My live site I have left running patch 11.

However, I noticed that no emails were being sent by the email service post upgrade. The upgrade has obviously replaced the messaging service, and this was not working at all against the p11 db at all. I uninstalled that service, installed patch 11 (installer), and registered the mail service manually. It would now seem that the messaging sevice is working only for shipments, I haven't seen any order confirmations, and the forgot password etc is definitely not working. These are some of the error messages in the log:



<date>2009-03-05 16:59:45.54</date>


<message>No Template Body found for TemplateCode 'forgotpassword' </message>







<date>2009-03-05 16:59:45.39</date>


<message>Completed send of Order Documents with error:Invalid column name 'WeightTotalUnitCode'.</message>


<objecttype />

<objectid />


I have checked and the mail template does exist for the forgot password and matches with the contactslog table record.

Any idea what the problem could be?, it is my understanding that I have the p11 messaging service running against a p11 database.



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You should have a template called 'forgotpassword' listed amongst the others.

If not, you can create it manually.

Give it the name Forgotten Password and the code of forgotpassword and the body of

UserName : %%UserID%%.<br>
Password : %%Password%%.

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Hi Bryce,

I had previously checked that and confirmed everything to be in place.

The problem and solution was as follows:


Installed sp1p1 installer on my web server to allow testing and development using this version>

The install also upgraded the webtools messaging service.

This service is not compatible with p11 - no emails were being generated.


1. uninstall service using sc delete sapb1wtms

2. remove contents of installer folder (saving instances.xml)

3. install previous installer version

4. register service manually using installutil

5. copy instances.xml back into installer folder

6. start service

What complicated matters slightly more for me, was that I accidentally reverted to p12 instead of p11, which also has some incompatibilities with a p11 db in relation to messaging.

At least before doing all of this I managed to upgrade a test copy of db and website prior to reverting to my installer version!.

On another subject, I have just noticed that I have lost nearly all my forum points, is there some kind of time limit or something?.


Edited by: Martin Barrett on Mar 6, 2009 12:50 PM

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Glad you got it figured Martin!

Not sure what happened to your forum points... seems to be a bit funky in that area. Don't worry we all know your level of expertise with Web tools!