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no TAX in invoice

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so.pnginvoice.pngHi SAP Masters

Can anybody help me, i was face issue where i have issued sale order with line sale tax, but when issue the invoice, there is no line tax appear and i was checked on BP master and also material, both are liable for tax. i have also try to manually add but, there is no tax code was assigned.. please help me

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Answers (2)

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1. Please check if the tax condition records have the tax code set in them. Its the only place where u can assign the tax codes and this will be derived in the pricing procedure in the sales order.

2. Please check if the tax appears in the billing document. When u create the billing via VF01, please press enter, get into the document, then check the pricing tab to see if the tax line item appears there. Generally if it does not appear there, you will not find in the invoice as well.

Do let us know the corrections made to be successfull.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello nadzirah

There are lot of posts on SD Tax Determination on forums. You should be searching for the same. I would think, the below answer is the best I could think of:

Please check all the steps mentioned and also check if you have a condition record maintained against your tax condition type.

Thanks & Regards,