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No Shipping Tab in newly created document type for Returns by Copying NB / NB2

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Hello Team,

I have successfully configured all the necessary prerequisites to enable the shipping tab for Returns Purchase Orders (PO) within our SAP system. These configurations have proven effective for the predefined SAP document types NB and NB2.

1. Assigned shipping points.
2. Configured delivery type and availability check procedures by plant.
3. Defined shipping data for plants.
4. Ensured that the customer role in business partners (BP) is maintained, with the "Return Supplier" field appropriately checked.

However, our requirements necessitate the creation of a customized document type for Return POs. To accommodate this, I copied the NB document type and created a new one. Following this, I configured the "Configure delivery type and availability check procedures by Plant," as it is related to the document type.

Regrettably, despite these efforts, the shipping tab does not appear for the newly created document type. A similar issue arose when attempting the same process with a document type created by copying NB2.

Q1. Are there any additional configurations required to enable the shipping tab in Returns POs? I note that in Private cloud/On-Premise environments, there exists a configuration activity as "Returns to Supplier," where delivery types for Returns are specified. However, I could not locate a similar configuration activity in the Public cloud environment.

Q2. Is it advisable to solely utilize the NB or NB2 document types for the Return to Supplier process? Or is it possible and recommended to create a new document type specifically for Return POs?


Sabarinathan K

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Sabarinathan, We helped you to accept the answer, since there were no further updates under the topic. You can unaccept it anytime if the answer provided was not helpful enough and you have further questions. Best regards, Geovana

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Sabarinathan,

We have a KBA where you can check about shipping tab in "Return Purchase Order". Please check in the following link: KBA 2831464 - Return to Supplier no shipping data determined.

Please check this document and return if it did not solve your issue.

Kind regards!


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