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NO Quants Exists for posting Changes

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Hi Experts,

   When processing PCN through LT05 system is giving error No Quants exists for posting changes. But when i checked MMBE stock exists in Quality stock and in Ls24 Stock exists in Q Status. Please find the attachments



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Answers (3)

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Please share the screen with posting change notice 3 so that we can know what it did.
As far as I can assume, it is completely processed.
See the field below - Post.Chge Status - share the screen with this status, and share the
screen from LU03 with complete info on PCN...

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for what is the posting change notice?

if MMBE and LS24 show both stock in quality status, then I do not know what a posting change notice shall do.

if you have the material released from quality in inventory management, then you would see the stock in unrestricted use in MMBE but still in quality in LS24, then a PCN for this quality change makes sense.

Display your PCN in detail in LU03 and see what status it has and for which movement it is.

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Hi Badari,

Couple of more information needed,

1) How this PCN got generated, what exactly are you trying to achieve with using this PCN

2) If possible please take a screenshot of PCN using LU03 and share with us

3) Please double click on the error message which you are getting on LT05 screen  and share the error message number