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No quants exist for posting changes

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I am facing problem after QA inspection, when same material i.e., different material document number is accepted and generates post change numbers. For example two post change numbers are generated for same material but different material doc after QA acceptance in QA32. FRom LU04 or LT05 second post change is getting posted and the first post change is throwing this error 'No quants exist for posting changes' Message no. L3094.

Advance thanks for the help.


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Answers (1)

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If you display your posting chage the data on the left is what it is and the data on the right is what the PC is trying to make it so for instance from unrestricted stock to quality stock or vice versa.

This message is telling you that whatever the posting change is trying to do cannot be done because the system does not have the stock to do it.

For example if the posting change is to take 50 pieces of material xxxxx fro 'Q' to inrestricted and you do not have 50 pieces on status ''Q' then you will get this message.

It may also be that if the stock does exist it is in a place where the posting change cannot see it. If this is the case process the pc in foreground and in the source fields type in the st type and st bin where it is and then it should pick it,

I hope that this helps