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No BAdI available to determine tax codes for non-deductable VAT

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Hi There,

We are receiving the specified error when attempting to post expense reports with certain expense types.

The long text states: "The posting includes tax items which are not or only partly deductable. In these cases the tax codes have to be determined via BAdI implementation"

One expense type that is returning the error is Posting and Shipping Charges (POST) which has been configured with the settings seen in the attachment

I believe the error is occurring because the Rate Type Code of the Expense item in the IDoc is set as 1-3, preventing a tax code from being derived.

Does the suggested BAdi have to be implemented to derive the tax code, or is there another way to resolve this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think there is no BADI implementation required. The rate type code which has been sent in the IDoc 1-3 has to be split in the tax code mapping table into tax rate type code = 1 and deductibility code = 3.

You have to map this to a corresponding ERP tax code.

That should be all.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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We have implemented the BAdi required for this change and have come across further problems.

After using BAdi DCFL_FIN_MWSKZ_TV to set the tax code manually, we are receiving an error "Balance in transaction currency" stating that the data cannot be processed in FI.

Is this occurring due to the BAdi implemented, and is there a way to resolve this?