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No authorization for creating transfer order

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I'm trying to create Transfer Order with reference to Outbound Delivery in transaction VL06P Day's Workload for Picking.

The system returns an error "No authorization for creating transfer order". The user is a member Super group. Which roles should the user be granted to be able to create Transfer Order?

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Answers (2)

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The object to execute LT* and LB* transaction code is L_TCODE (Transaction Codes in the Warehouse Management System).

Before assigning this object to user profile (in t.code SU03), you need to check in which warehouse a user can create Transfer orders and may need to assign those warehouse in this object (or create a new Z object copying this L_TCODE).

Apart from L_TCODE, additional object also need to be assigned to user profile. Below are the details;

L_BWLVS - Movement Type in the Warehouse Management System

L_LGNUM - Warehouse Number / Storage Type

Check with you basis team to help with this. Depending on process requirements special objects also need to be assigned (for example L_SFUNC - Special functions in Warehouse Management)

Note that in order to find the required authorization, you can run t.code SU53 after you see the system message on missing authorizatoin.


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Posting Change

LU01 - Create Posting Change

LU02 - Change Posting Change


LS04 - Empty storage bins

LX01 -List of Empty storage bins

LX03 -Bin Status Report

LX24 -Bin Stock Report for a material

Transfer Order

LT15 - Cancel Transfer Order

LT24 - Confirm TO created automatically

LT12 - Confirm Transfer Order

LT01 - Create Direct Transfer Order

LT01 - Create Transfer Order through TR

LT01 - Create Transfer Order through TR LIST

LT21 - Display Transfer Order (or LT23 u2013 List, LT22 u2013 By storage type, LT24 u2013 By matériel, LT26 u2013 By storage bin , LT27 u2013 By storage unit)

Transfer Requirement

LB01 - Create Transfer Requirement

LB02 - Change Transfer Requirement

LB03 - Display Transfer Requirement

the above you might require,