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No archive information found for object type and document type

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Hi All,

When i try to view the print preview for a perticular doc type, system is giving the error as "No archive information found for object type and document type"


No information was found about optical archiving. This may be due to

either of the following reasons:

1. No valid archiving parameters were passed

2. Your system is not configured for optical archiving

System Response

Processing is cancelled.


Specify valid archiving parameters or check whether your system is configured for optical archiving



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check your message record in the document (and condition table), I think you have entered a storage mode other than 1.

storage mode 2 and 3 are used to store a copy of the document in an optical archive.

If you dont have a optical archive, then make sure you only enter 1 as storage mode .

If you have an archive, then make sure the customizing is completed to reach this archive.

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In the below path under storage system - Archiving mode is maintained as 3-Print & Archive. And i cant do any changes as its in not customisable client.

spro >> MM >> Purchasing >> Messages >> Output Control >> Message Types >> Define Message Types for Outline Agreement

Is there any other settings if we maintain print & archive as '3' ?



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You are trying to Print & also archive by selecting the option Print & Archive.

You have to do archivelink configurations and then create document type and assign to the object type with content repository with archivelink table.

If you want to archive the spool or output then you have to use object type as DRAW. If you are archiving invoice document or letters or so on then you have to know the object type/Business object of the transaction.

Please note that for archivelink configuration, attachment will be either stored in archive server or in SAP database table based on business requirement.

Hope this will give you some understanding on archiving area.



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