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New to HCM - need list of transaction n tables, infotypes related

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Can anyone plz send in me list of transactions , tables, infotypes etc used in HCM module



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pls find in WIKI , Lot of information is stored regarding this subject.

Manoj Shakya

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Hi Balaji,

Here are some tables for you :-

T500L Personnel Country Grouping

T500P Personnel Areas

T500T Personnel Country Groupings

T500W Valid Country Currencies

T501 Employee Group

T501T Employee Group Names

T502T Marital Status Designators

T503 Employee Groups / Subgroups

T503K Employee subgroup

T503T Employee Subgroup Names

T503Z Country Assignment for Employee Group/Subgroup

T504R Salary Administration

T504S Salary Administration - Values

T504T Salary Administration - Texts

T504U X Axis Texts

T504V Y Axis Texts

T504W Z Axis Texts

T504X X Axis Values

T504Y Y Axis Values

T504Z Z Axis Values

T5051 Capital Formation (NA)

T505K Grievance Levels (NA)

T505L Grievance Level Texts

T505M Military status

T505N Military Status Texts

T505O Grievance Reasons (NA)

T505P Grievance Reason Texts

T505R Ethnic Origin

T505S Ethnic Origin Texts

T505U Residence Status

T505V Residence Status Texts

T505X Tax Authority

T505Y Tax Authority Texts

T505Z Bonds (NA)

T506A Loan Categories

T506D Conditions for Employee Loans

T506T Loan Condition Texts

T507A RWH Delimitation of Employees Affected

T508A Work Schedule Rules

T508T Texts for Employee Subgroup Groupings for Work Schedules

T508Z Assignment of PS Grouping for Work Schedules to Daily WS

T509F ID type

T509G ID type text

T509H Type of work permit

T509I Work permit type text

T50X1 Type of Expatriate

T50X2 Type of Expatriate Text

T510 Pay Scale Groups

T510A Pay Scale Types

T510B Appraisal Constants

T510C Adjust Bases for Calculating PScale

T510D Dynamic Standard Pay Increase

T510E Dynamic Standard Pay Increase II

T510F Assign pay scale --> Currency

T510G Pay Scale Areas

T510H Payroll Accounting Parameters for Time Unit

T510I Standard Working Hours

T510J Constant Valuations

T510L Step Table

T510M Valuation of pay scale groups acc. to hiring date

T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salaries (NA)

T510O Local Allowances BAT (D)

T510P Premium Table

T510Q Local Allowances

T510R Pay Scale Reclassification

T510S Wage Type Generation

T510T Premium Texts

T510U Pay Scale Groups

T510V Check Table For Processing Types in T510S

T510W Pay Scale > Period Parameter Assignment

T510X Wage Type Eligibility for Time Evaluation Transfer (MMSRV)

T510Y Special Rules for Wage Type Generation

T511 Wage Types

T511A Calculation Rules for Averages

T511B Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values

T511C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values

T511K Payroll Accounting Constants

T511M Wage Type Models

T511P International Payroll Constants

T511T Designation of Payroll Constant Amounts

T512C Wage Types to be Broken Down

T512D Line Layout in Window

T512E Form-Related Control of Wage Types

T512F Form Windows

T512G Supplementary Group Texts

T512H Assignment of Text Elements to Forms

T512I System Documentation - Kwic Index

T512J Objects in T512U (Not Language Dependent)

T512K Text for Payroll Constants Regarding Time Units

T512L Payroll Constant Designations

T512N Rule Table for Form

T512P Form Background

T512Q Information in Fixed Positions

T512R Cumulation Wage Types in Forms

T512S Texts for Cumulation Wage Types in Forms

T512T Wage Type Texts

T512U HR System Documentation

T512V RPDSYS00 - Cross References

T512W Wage Type Valuation

T512Z Permissibility of Wage Types per Infotype

T513 Jobs

T513A User-related Values

T513C Jobs With Other/Previous Employers

T513D Job Groups

T513F Appraisal Criteria Texts

T513G Appraisal Groups

T513H Appraisal Criteria

T513I RPDSYS00 - KWIC Index

T513J RPDSYS00 - Default Values

T513K RPDSYS00 - Relations

T513L RPDSYS00 - Exploding Functions

T513M RPDSYS00 - Origin of Documentation

T513N RPDSYS00 - Supplementary Information

T513O RPDSYS00 - Structure of DLIB Docu

T513P Pension Reserve Groups

T513Q RPDSYS00 - Print Control for Chapters

T513S Job Titles

T513U Secondary System Documentation

T513V RPDSYS00 - Cross References

T514B Page Types for From Classes

T514C Allowed Conversions for Forms

T514D Form Index

T514F Form Class Attributes

T514K Allowed Table Names / Short IDs for Forms

T514N Allowed Field Names for Forms

T514R Page Type Texts

T514S Table Name Texts

T514T Field Name Texts

T514U Conversion Texts

T514V Form Name Texts

T514X Input Help Routines for Identifiers in PE51

T514Z Screen Control for Transaction PE51

T515A Fund Types

T516T Religious Denomination Texts

T517A Educational Establishment Types/Final Certificates

T517T Educational Establishment Type Designations

T517X Branches of Study

T517Y Check Table for Branches of Study

T517Z School Types/Branches of Study

T518A Vocation Check Table

T518B Vocation Descriptions

T518C Education/Training Categories

T518D Education/Training Categories Check Table

T518E Education/Training Categories/E&T

T519T Final Certificates

T51A1 HR: Final Date for HR Postings (Accruals)

T51B1 HR-ARC: Global Attributes of the Archiving Group

T51B2 HR-ARC: Special Attributes of the Archiving Group

T51B3 HR-ARC: Archiving Groups which are Currently Archiving

T51D1 Limits for Deductions

T51D2 Wage Type Classes

T51D3 Reduction Rules

T51D4 Cumulation Rules

T51D5 Start Point

T51D6 Interval Definitions

T51DS Text for Time Intervals

T51DT Wage Type Class Texts

T51G1 Off-Cycle Batch Table

T51G2 Off-Cycle Batch Table

T51P1 Wage Type Assignment

T51P3 Indicator for Wage Type Assignment

T51P4 Text: Indicator for Wage Type Assignment

T51P6 Characteristics of Deduction WTypes for Arrears Processing

T51R1 Bank Transfer Request

T51R2 Transfer ID

T51R3 Payment ID

T51R4 Indivual Bank Transfer

T51R5 Cumulated Remittances

T51R6 Offsetting Entry for Remittance

T51R8 Transfer Request - Payroll Result - Grouping

T51RA Derivation of HR Creditors

T51RD Rule Derivation per HR Accumulator and Amount

T51RH HR Creditor

T51RJ Description of Remittance Rules

T51RK Remittance rule

T51RL HR Creditor Link Trigger

T51RM HR Accumulator

T51RN HR Accumulator Text

T51RS HR Creditor Feature

T51RT HR Creditor Text

T51RV Number Ranges Retained

T51T0 Evaluation of wage types for tax reporting

T51T1 Tax Types, which has to be reported in the tax forms

T51T2 Definitions, how tax datas will be reported

T51T3 Fields for tax information on magnetic media

T51T4 Evaluated tax form reporting periods

T51T5 Events, on which form will be issued

T51T6 Evaluated payroll time units

T51T7 Text for tax forms

T51T8 Definitions of a tax form

T51T9 Tax pay dates

T51TA Wage or tax form group for tax reporter

T51TB Text of attributes for tax

T51TC Tax attributes

T51TD Tax attributes

T51TE Text table for subjects of tax calculation and reporting

T51TX Transfer to be Evaluated

T51TY Transferred Employees

T520M Cash Breakdown List

T520S Text Key for Data Carrier

T521B Payee Keys

T521C Check Table for Payees

T521T Institution Texts - No longer used

T522 Title Keys

T522F Format for HR Name Format

T522G Title Keys

T522N HR Name Format

T522T Forms of Address

T523T Challenge Types

T525A HR Valuation Rules for Employee Data

T525B HR Valuation Rule for Employee Data - Short Text

T525C Definition of Valuation Models for Employee Data

T525D Valuation Models for Employee Data

T525E Rounding Rule for Time Intervals

T525F Rounding Rule for Time Intervals - Short Text

T525G Calculation Rules for Time Specifications

T525H Calculation Rules for Time Specifications

T525I Infotype Selection Condition

T525J Infotype Selection Condition - Short Text

T525K Definition of Infotype Selection Condition

T525L Valuation Models for Employee Data

T526 Administrators

T527 Organizational Key Control Table

T527A Organizational Key Creation Rules

T527O Organizational Key Validation

T527X Organizational Units

T528B Positions

T528C Wage Type Catalog

T528T Position Texts

T529A Personnel Action Types

T529F Fast Data Entry for Actions

T529T Personnel Action Texts

T529U Status Values

T52A0 Internal Object Number

T52B1 Object Classes

T52B2 Object Attributes

T52B3 Valid Object Class Attributes

T52B4 Valid Attribute Values

T52B5 Assignment of Values to Objects

T52B6 Function Parameters

T52B7 Valid Function Parameter Values

T52B8 Function Parameter Texts

T52B9 Use of Infotypes for Objects

T52BA Assignment of Values to Customer Objects

T52BB Texts on Function Parameter Values

T52BM Operation Models

T52BN Assigning Models to Operations

T52BO Operation Parameters

T52BP Texts For Operation Parameters

T52BR Texts For Attribute Values

T52BS Texts for Attributes of HR Objects

T52BT Texts For HR Objects

T52BW Input/output parameter

T52BX Valid Special Payroll Runs for Countries

T52C0 Payroll Schemas

T52C1 Payroll Schemas

T52C2 Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas

T52C3 Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas

T52C5 Personnel Calculation Rules

T52CC Schema Directory

T52CD Schema Directory

T52CE Directory of Personnel Calculation Rules

T52CT Text Elements

T52CX Cross References via Generated Schemas

T52D1 Valid Processing Classes

T52D2 Valid Values for Processing Classes

T52D3 Valid Evaluation Classes

T52D4 Permitted Values for Evaluation Classes

T52D5 Wage Type Groups

T52D6 Wage Type Group Texts

T52D7 Assign wage types to wage type groups

T52D8 Valid Processing Classes - Texts

T52D9 Valid Values for Processing Classes - Texts

T52DA Valid Evaluation Classes - Texts

T52DB Valid Evaluation Classes - Texts

T52DN Name range for processing and evaluation classes

T52DZ Assignment: Customizing - Model Wage Type

T52E1 HR: Sort Sequence RPCIPO00

T52E2 Transfer to accounting: Posting variants

T52E2T Transfer to accounting: Posting variants - Texts

T52EK Symbolic Accounts

T52EKT Texts for symbolic accounts

T52EL Posting of payroll wage types

T52EM Valid values for employee grouping account determination

T52EMT Texts for employee grouping account determination

T52EP Account assignment type

T52EPT Texts for account assignment type

T52EV Payroll reporting types

T52EVT Texts for payroll reporting types

T52EX Transfer to accounting: External company codes 3.X

T52EZ Time-dependency of wage type posting

T52G0 Jurisdiction

T52G1 Description of the jurisdiction

T52G2 Garnishment category

T52G3 Description of the garnishment category

T52G4 Agency

T52G5 Description of the agency

T52G6 Remittance rule

T52G7 Debt

T52G8 Description of the debt

T52G9 Model for the gross/net

T52GA Description of the model for the gross/net

T52GB Model for the non-exempt amount

T52GC Description of the model for the non-exempt amount

T52GD Model for the relationship to other debts

T52GE Description of the model for the relationship to other debts

T52GF Calculation rule

T52GG Description of the calculation rule

T52GH Calculation rule characteristics

T52GI Garnishee fee

T52GJ Description of garnishee fee

T52IA Accounting infotypes

T52IB Assignment of Logical Wage Types

T52IC Logical Wage Types

T52ID Texts for Evaluation Wage Types

T52IE Assignment for Logical Wage Types

T52IF Assignment for Accounting

T530 Reasons for Actions

T530B Payment Condition (Special Payments)

T530C Control Table for Special Payments

T530D Special Payments (Seniority-Dependent Factors)

T530E Reasons for Changes

T530F Reasons for Changes

T530L Wage Types for Special Payments

T530T Reason for Action Texts

T531 Deadline Types

T531S Deadline Type Texts

T532A HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Choice of Data

T532B HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Choice of Wage Types

T532C HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: ABAP/4 Conversion

T532D HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Symbolic Conversion

T532E HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Semantic Conversion

T532F HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Profiles/Free Format

T533 Leave Types

T533T Leave Type Texts

T535N Name Affixes (DUEVO)

T535R PI Area Numbers

T535T Professional Status (DUEVO)

T535V ASB Texts

T535W ASB Reporting Schema

T536A Addresses

T536B Communication Keys

T536T Education and Training (DUEVO)

T538A HR Time/Measurement Units

T538B Units of Time/Measurement

T538C Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes

T538D Units of Time/Measurement

T538T Texts for Time/Measurement Units

T538Z Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes

T539A Planned Remuneration Specification

T539J Base Wage Type Valuation

T539R Actions for Standard Wage Maintenance

T539S Wage Types for Standard Wage Maintenance

T541A Types of Guaranteed Net Amount

T541N Guaranteed Net Amounts

T541T Texts for Types of Guaranteed Net Amounts

T542T Employment Contracts

T543 Challenge Groups

T543A Statistics

T543B Assignment of Exceptions to Statistics

T543C Statistics Text

T543D Exception text

T543S Challenge Groups

T544A Car rule

T544B Car rule

T545 Corporation Keys

T545T Corporation Texts

T546 Employee SG Grp. for PersCalcRule/CollAgreemProvision

T546A Employee Subgroup Grouping for Payroll Accounting

T546T EE Subgroup Groupings for Personnel Calculation Rules

T547S Contract Type Texts

T547T Periods of Notice

T547V Contract Types

T548 Date Types

T548S Date Conversion

T548T Date Types

T548Y Date Types

T549A Payroll Accounting Areas

T549B Company Features

T549C Decision Trees for Features (Customers)

T549D Feature Directory

T549L Date modifiers

T549M Monthly Assignment: Payroll Period (no longer used)

T549N Period Modifiers

T549O Text for date modifier

T549P Valid Time Units for Payroll Accounting

T549Q Payroll Periods

T549R Period Parameters

T549S Payroll date types

T549T Payroll Accounting Areas

T549U Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Periods per Payment Interval

T549V Recurr. Pymts/Deds: Default Values for Payment Model

T549W Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models

T549X Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Periods

T549Y Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models (Texts)

T549Z Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: General Calendar

T54C1 Calendar for Cumulation

T54C2 CRT: Calendar Types

T54C3 CRT: Cumulation of Wage Types

T54C4 CRT: Valid Calendar Types

T54C5 CRT: Date Identifier

T54C6 CRT: Cumulation periods

T54C9 CRT: Functionality Grouping

T54CA CRT: Functionality Modifier (Texts)

T54CC CRT: Date Identifier (Texts)

T54CT CRT: Calendar Types (Texts)

T550A Daily Work Schedules

T550P Break Schedules

T550S Daily Work Schedule Texts

T550X Daily Work Schedule Selection Rules

T551A Period Work Schedules

T551C Period Work Schedule Valuation

T551S Period Work Schedule Texts

T552A Monthly work schedule

T552V Dynamic Daily Work Schedule Assignment

T552W Dynamic Daily WS Assignment: Planned/Actual Overlap

T553A Definition Rules for Day Types

T553S Day Types for Special Days

T553T Day Type Texts

T554A Breakdown of Absences after Quota Deduction

T554C Absence Valuation

T554D Military Service Ranks

T554E Counting Classes for Absence Valuation

T554F Counting Classes for Absence Valuation

T554G Types of Birth

T554L Absence Valuation Rules

T554M Absences for Maternity Protection: Rule Table

T554N Texts for Day Rules

T554O Valuation Classes

T554P Symbols for Absences and Attendances (Calendar)

T554Q Assignment of Valuation of Absences

T554R Day Rules for Absence Valuation

T554S Absence and Attendance Types

T554T Absence and Attendance Texts

T554V Defaults for Absence Types

T554W Periods of Military Service

T554X Rules for Attendance/Absence Counting and Leave Deduction

T554Y Time Constraints in HR TIME

T5550 External Wage Types Long Texts from Subsystem

T555A Time Types

T555B Time Type Texts

T555C Permitted PDC PIN Codes

T555D Abs./Attendance Reasons for Subsystem

T555E Time Evaluation Errors

T555F Time Evaluation Error Texts

T555G Absence/Attendance Reason Texts for Subsystem

T555H Site-Restricted Access Control Groups

T555I PDC Master Record Information

T555J Transfer to Time Types

T555K Transfer to Time Wage Types

T555L Transfer to Absence Quotas

T555M PDC Accounting Types

T555N Employee Grouping for the Time Evaluation Rule

T555O Access Control Groups (time-restricted)

T555P Personnel Time Transfer Types

T555Q Texts for Personnel Time Transfer Types

T555R Overtime Compensation Types

T555S PDC Record Type Conversion

T555T Overtime Compensation Type Texts

T555U Employee Status for Time Management

T555V Employee Status for Time Management: Texts

T555W External Wage Types from Subsystem

T555X Texts for Access Control Groups (time-restricted)

T555Y Processing Type/Time Type According to Abs./Attendance Class

T555Z Time Type Determination

T556 Substitution Types

T556A Absence Quota Types

T556B Absence Quota Type Texts

T556C Counting Rules for Absences and Attendances

T556D Absence Counting With/Without Quotas Texts

T556P Attendance Quotas

T556Q Attendance Quota Type Texts

T556R Rules for Deduction Sequence for Absence Quotas

T556S Texts for Deduction Sequence Rules for Absence Quotas

T556T Substitution Type Texts

T557 Availability Types

T557T Availability Types Texts

T557V Membership Function

T557W Text for Membership Function

T558A Transfer Payroll Account

T558B Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods

T558C Payroll Account Transfer: Wage Types

T558D Transfer Wage Types with Split Indicator

T558S Payroll table type

T559A Working Weeks

T559B Working Week Texts

T559D Validity/Deduction Interval for Absence Quotas

T559E Base Entitlement for Leave Accrual

T559L Automatic Absence Quota Generation

T559M Reduction Rules for Absence Quota Generation

T559N Texts for Reduction Rules for Leave Accrual

T559P Limits for Time Balances

T559Q Texts for Time Balance Limits

T559R Rounding Rules

T559S Texts for Rounding Rules

T559T Texts for Leave Accrual Rule

T564T Insurance Company Texts

T569B Archiving Information for Cluster B2

T569R Earliest Retroaccounting Periods for Control Record

T569T Control Record Texts

T569U Logs for Control Records

T569V Control Records

T569W Texts for Recalculation Categories

T572B Illness Texts

T572E Control table for additional absence data

T572F Event Texts

T572G Permitted Values for Events

T572H Event Value Texts

T574A Qualification Keys

T574B Qualification Names

T577 Family Characteristics

T577S Family Characteristics Texts

T578A Medical Doctors

T578T Areas Of Examination

T578W Texts On Values For Areas Of Examination

T578X Permissible Values for Areas of Examination

T578Y Examination Results

T578Z Control Table for Internal Medical Service

T582A Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings

T582B Infotypes Which Are Created Automatically

T582C Include Screens for Infotypes

T582S Infotype Texts

T582V Assignment of Infotypes to Views

T582W Assigns Infotype View to Primary Infotype

T582Z Control Table for PA Time Management

T584A Test Procedures - Infotype Assignment

T585A Infotypes with Documents

T585B Field Group Definition

T585C Field Group Characteristics

T585O HR Optical Archiving: Configuration Table for PREL and PAPL

T588A Transaction Codes

T588B Infotype Menus

T588C Infotype Menus/Info Groups

T588D Infogroups for Actions

T588F - is no longer used (now T588G) -

T588G Field-Specific Retroactive Accounting Recognition

T588I Assignment of Header ID/Country Grouping to Header Modifier

T588J Screen Header Definition

T588M Infotype Screen Control

T588N Screen Modification for Account Assignment Block

T588O Screen Modification for Assignment Data

T588Q Screen Types for Fast Entry

T588R Selection Reports for Fast Data Entry

T588S Screen Types for Fast Entry

T588T Menu and Infogroup Designations

T588V Business Object Type Determination

T588W Event types for infotype operations

T588X Cust. composite definition of event types for IT operations

T588Z Dynamic Actions

T589A Status and Input Mode in Screen Painter Screens

T589Z F Status of Each Module Pool and Screen

T591A Subtype Characteristics

T591B Time Constraints for Wage Types

T591C Recipient Type for Communication Type

T591S Subtype Texts

T596A Subapplication

T596B Texts for subapplications

T596C Validity interval for statutory subapplications

T596D Validity intervals for non-statutory subapplications

T596F HR Subroutines

T596G Cumulation wage types

T596H Cumulation wage type text

T596I Calculation rules for cumulation wage types

T596U Conversion Table

T599B Report Classes

T599C Report Classes

T599D Report Categories

T599F Report Classes - Select Options

T599I IMG Transaction: Dynamic Parameter

T599J IMG Transaction: Dynamic Parameters - Texts

T599R HR Report Attributes

T599T Field Control for Report Classes

T599U Universal HR Tables

T599V Universal HR Tables

T599W HR Report Classes

T599X Field Control for Report Classes

T599Y Convert External Wage Types

T599Z Time Wage Types to Third-Party Systems

T59_PROTE RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Error

T59_PROTL RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Reference

T59_PROTM RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Modules

T5A03 Employee Groups/Subgroups

T5A0P PArea/Subarea (A)

T5A1A SI Groups (Austria)

T5A1B SI Contribution Group

T5A1C SI Contr./Assessment

T5A1K ELDA: Record versions

T5A1L ELDA: Record structures

T5A1M ELDA: Field conversion

T5A1N ELDA: Value conversion

T5A1O ELDA: Created data records

T5A1P ELDA: Data carrier management

T5A1Q ELDA: Confirmed data records

T5A1R ELDA: SAP internal fields

T5A1T Social Insurance Institutes

T5A1X Control for Determining SI Contributions (A)

T5A2C Texts for Tax Exemption

T5A2D Tax Procedure / Reasons for Tax Exemption

T5A2E Income Tax Rates

T5A2F Tax Offices (A)

T5A2G Municipalities

T5A2M Damage Events / Reasons

T5A2S Tax: Deductable amounts (A)

T5A2T Tax Procedures (A)

T5A3A Family allowance

T5A3T Family Allowance Texts

T5A4 Flow Control for Continued Pay

T5A4A General Data for Absences

T5A4B Seniority

T5A4C Entitlement Quota

T5A4F Absence Categories f. CollContract / Plant Bargaining Agmt

T5A4G Use of Absence Categories

T5A4H Date Specification (Contd Pay)

T5A4I Absence Categories with Special Significance

T5A4O Description of Attendence/Absence Types

T5A4P Attendance/Absence Cat.

T5A4T Valuation acc. to Length of Absence

T5A4U Entitlement Quota

T5A4V Entitlement per Absence

T5A4W Entitlements in Observation Period

T5A5D Print Position for Sickness Cert.

T5A5F Technical Control for Sickness Certificates

T5A5K Forms for Domestic Sickness Certificates

T5A5T Print position texts for sickness certificates

T5A5U Forms for Holiday Sickness Certs.

T5A5Z System Reactions in Master Data Maintenance

T5A6A Compensation Types

T5A6B Equalization Reasons

T5A6C Special Garnishment Cases

T5A6D Fields for Special Garnishment Cases

T5A6E Garnishment Groups

T5A6F Text Table for Garnishments

T5A6H Rulings for a garnishment group

T5B01 SI Categories Employees (B)

T5B02 SI Categories Employers (B)

T5B03 SI Specifications Employees (B)

T5B04 SI Notifications Employees (B)

T5B05 Function SI Hourly Paid Employee without Regulation (B)

T5B06 Text Table Country Codes SI/"BELCOTAX" (B)

T5B07 Profession Groups (B)

T5B08 Nationalities (B)

T5B09 Type Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B)

T5B0A Text Table SI Categories Employees (B)

T5B0B Text Table SI Categories Employers (B)

T5B0C Text Table SI Specifications Employees (B)

T5B0D Text Table SI Notifications Employees (B)

T5B0E Text Table Function SI Hourly Paid without Regulation (B)

T5B0F Country Codes & Nationalities (B)

T5B0G Profession Groups (B)

T5B0H Text Table Nationalities (B)

T5B0I Text Table Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B)

T5B0J Usage for SI Category Employee

T5B11 Tax calculation type (B)

T5B12 Spouse's Professions (B)

T5B13 Leave regulation taxes (B)

T5B14 Marital Status (B)

T5B1A Text Table Type Tax Calculation (B)

T5B1B Text Table Spouse's Professions (B)

Hope this helps.

Kindly reward in case useful.

Regards & Thanks,

Darshan Mulmule

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