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new subcontracting scenarios

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hi friends,

my subcontracting scenarios..

1. I have a semifinished product ( without printing), for printing purpose i am sending goods to sucontracting vendor.....

here client don't want change the material.

how can i acheive this scenario..

2. semifinished product and stickers i am sending to the sucontractier for stickering purpose..

how can handle the scenarios



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Raj,

from what I understand, you have one finished product, which consisted of

1. Semi-finished product

2. Sticker (is this a raw material?)

So you will need 3 material master:

1 - for finished product

2 - the semi-finished product - no need to change the material type.

3 - the sticker.

How do you determine the component? Is it manually? Or are you using BOM?

If you are doing it manually, then when creating the sub-contracting requisition, simply enter the semi-finished product and the sticker in the component screen.

If you are using BOM, you will need a BOM for this finished product with the semi-finished product and the sticker as its material.

So, the answer to your questions:

1 - no need to change the material type. Just use the semi-finished goods as it is.

2 - Once you have configured the system for sub-contracting, then all your users have to do is to create a subcontracting requisistion for the final product, and assign the components - semi-finished product and sticker. (If you already have purchasing system live, then all you need to do is to configure the account posting for sub-con, I think)

Good luck

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thanks for replies,,

semifinished & finished product are same... client dont want to seprate material master...


coming to first scenario.

1. for printing purpose we r going for subcontracting....

here we r not providing printing materiald. subcontracter itself doing printing..

is BOM is necessary or not?? if yes , then how??

how we maintain info record & pricing???

in second scenario..

2. we r sending sticker alongwith finished product. here vendor is pasteing the sticker on finished product.

how we create BOM & info record???



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Scenario 1;

Is it like this, for eg; you are providing some blank papers to subcontractor and he will add some text or print it. you have to pay him the printing charges.

Then in subcontracting you can maintain the finished product and component which you are sending to vendor as same.

Scenario 2:

Here you can maintain component are finished product and sticker. Once you make GR stickers will get consumed and finished product will get added to stock.

Then again how to distinguish between finished product with stickers and without stickers; and papers which are printed and not



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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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case -1. You do have to maintain BOM and use the Recursive indicator at item level In CS01 as you are sendogn the material to subcontractor. You can pay him the Printing charges. You acn have the list of materials issued and also receive the same material back as you do not want the name change.

case -2, Aslo you have to maintain the BOM and and use the Recursive indicator at item level In CS01 for the Ist item as you are sending the material to subcontractor. for pasting. Here also you do not want material name change so you can receive the material (ist item) without any problem.

If you do not maintain Sticker as a material then youcan go for a service PO for the second case.

Info record you can maintain in ME11 under sub contract cat.

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Please check out wheather servoces PO will work for you ?like service charge for sticking one sticker or printing charge for printing one paper conditions?


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Create the BOM for the mataerail A with Componenet as Materail A and Material B.

when you create the BOM for this system will issue an Error for this material as component, To avoid this error you have to check as Recursive allowed on Item data screen for same material

so when you create the Po for Material A it will populate the component as Materail A and B.