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New stock removal strategy

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This is the scenario, We have 2-3 pallets in a single storage bin.The bin is like a deep rack in the warehouse.

So the logic would be to use the Last in first out strategy to pull out the pallet which is outside/first one reachable to the user.

So LIFO basically works on the actual TO creation time so in case a TO for P1 is created on 01/01/01 at 12:00 PM and another TO for P2 on 01/01/01 at 12:01.The proposes the pallet created at 12:01 to be picked when there is stock removal.

But the scenario is like though the TO for P2 is created first at 12:01 and it is confirmed at 12:15 and the next one P1 at 12:16 so the pallet P2 will be placed inside the bin and P1 will be placed outside/reachable to the user.

But when LIFO kicks in for automatic TO creation it will propose p2 as the To was created at a later time but the user will pick P1 as it is the nearest reachable to him so when he tries to confirm the pallet at production the system says that the wrong pallet from what was proposed was picked.

Is there any enhancement we can use to build this custom stock removal strategy.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Just querious on TO confirmation time...why it is confirmed differently? Will immediate TO confirmation (after TO creation) creates any issue to putaway process into Rack?

If don't want immediate TO can manipulate the picking of pallet through user exit MWMTO004 Own stock removal strategy (EXIT_SAPLL03A_005) to change the sorting of records on TO confirmation date and time instead of TO creation date and time.

Hope this will help.



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Thanks that helped.

what if I want to create a new RF do you think we could develop some kind of a custom program?

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